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>Bad English

>Bad English, released in 1989.

  1. Best of What I Got” (John Waite, Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon)
  2. Heaven is a 4 Letter Word” (Schon, Cain, Waite, Mark Spiro)
  3. Possession” (Waite, Cain, Ricky Phillips)
  4. Forget Me Not” (Waite, Cain, Spiro)
  5. When I See You Smile” (Diane Warren)
  6. Tough Times Don’t Last” (Cain, David Roberts, Waite)
  7. Ghost in Your Heart” (Waite, Martin Page, Cain)
  8. Price of Love” (Waite, Cain)
  9. Ready When You Are” (Cain, Waite, Schon, Todd Cerney)
  10. Lay Down” (Waite, Schon, Cain)
  11. The Restless Ones” (Waite, Cain, Phillips)
  12. Rockin’ Horse” (Schon, Waite, Cain)
  13. Don’t Walk Away” (Andy Hill, Peter Sinfield)

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